CES 2021 Press Release: Launching New Airsafe and Smartspace Products



Silicon Valley innovators introduce technologically advanced solutions to help in the transition back to normal.

Launching this month at CES: Airsafe, personal air purification face shield, and Smartspace, social distancing device for the workplace

 Fremont, California – (DIST DATE, January 4, 2021): Seguro LLC is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by tech industry veterans. The Company has brought together some of the best and brightest, award-winning industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers. Their newest innovations will be showcased this month at the first virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. Their products include a revolutionary clear face shield that delivers a clean curtain of purified air, and a contact tracing device that businesses and communities can use to keep their people safe.

Airsafe uses advanced HEPA filter technology to remove 99.97% of impurities as small as .3 microns from the air you breathe. The face shield allows users to travel and interact with others safely and comfortably, without the hindrance of a typical N-95 or cloth mask, which covers most of the face. A powerful fan purifies the air, then delivers it as a clean curtain of fresh air to the nose and mouth. The gentle air pressure keeps contaminated, outside air from entering. With Airsafe, public transportation and interaction in the workplace is safer, and you can see facial expressions easily and without worry. According to Gioni Bianchini, the Company’s Founder and CEO, “Wearing a fabric or N-95 face mask negatively impacts communication.” Bianchini continues, “With Airsafe, you are able to eat in a restaurant, share your smile and feel safe to travel again.”

Seguro’s second new product innovation is Smartspace, which provides device-to-device tracing for use in offices, retirement communities, manufacturing facilities, schools, construction sites and anywhere groups work or live in close proximity within a contained environment. It is the most precise social distancing device available, able to track contact within inches.

The Smartspace badge triggers a warning if you get too close and provides instant tracing control. Slightly larger than a credit card, real time data is captured, while privacy of individuals is protected. It makes contact tracing easy. The organization’s administrators can track who has been in contact with whom, and for how long within a particular geofenced area, on an easy-to-use dashboard. If a member of the group becomes ill, all those who have come in contact with that person can be contacted so they can be tested and/or quarantined, keeping the rest of the organization safe and secure.

Both Airsafe and Smartspace are being introduced at CES 2021 this January for the first time. Smartspace begins shipping in January for groups of 20 or more people, at $99 per user. Airsafe will begin accepting orders through their crowdfunding campaign in February for March/April delivery. To learn more, or sign up for early access, visit segurollc.com.

 About Seguro LLC:

Seguro means “safe”. Seguro has applied a Silicon Valley forward-thinking approach to a variety of products that keep people safe. With the help of the industry’s brightest designers and engineers, our innovations have earned over a dozen patents. They never stop asking “what if” and “why not” — and everything they create is smarter by design.

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