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Airsafe is a lightweight, rechargeable face shield that provides a constant supply of fresh, purified air. Outside air enters the airsafe shield through a powerful air intake in the rear. It is then purified using advanced HEPA filtration, which rids the air of particles as small as .3 microns. The purified air is then propelled down to the nose and mouth, providing a steady stream of fresh, clean air. All the while, you are kept comfortable. Airsafe weighs under two pounds. And the rechargeable battery last up to five hours.

Stay airsafe

Use Airsafe on public transportation, on airplanes, shopping, at work, in restaurants and anywhere people gather.


Silicon Valley Innovation

A team of Silicon Valley’s brightest industrial designers, engineers and visionaries have come together to create innovative products that help protect you. Airsafe provides a transparent shield between you and the outside world.