It’s the smarter way to avoid a costly shutdown.

Get the most advanced technology available for the safety
of your people and your organization.

A sign-in sheet at your front desk won’t keep your people safe — smartspace can. This wearable device is the most technologically advanced solution for managing risk within a controlled environment for businesses and communities.

Geo-fencing software, device-to-device alerts and precise traceability allows real time dashboard monitoring of employees by an administrator. It is accurate within 4 inches, while protecting your team’s privacy. So, if your group has an outbreak you can immediately react. People who have been within 6 feet of an infected individual can be alerted and isolated as soon as a problem is detected.

Slightly larger than a credit card, real time data is captured, while privacy is secured. It makes contact tracing effortless, so you can prevent a costly shutdown.

Order now for immediate delivery – as low as $99* per user.

*Depending on group size

The administrator’s dashboard monitors people and work areas

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    • Track interactions and utilize data to guard your population and mitigate risk
    • Real time data is downloaded to the smartspace app
    • Up to ten days of battery life between recharging

    • Slightly larger than a credit card

    • Administrators can track who has been in contact with whom, and for how long within a particular geofenced area, on an easy-to-use dashboard

    mobile app & dashboard provide seamless
    software solutions for tracking and response

    Data is tracked through the wearable device. There are two solutions: the app-based option available now, where data is downloaded to smartphones through an app or the gateway solution, which is coming soon.

    The organization’s administrator is then able to access contacts and duration through the enterprise software. The gateway solution provides monitoring devices, which aggregate data from multiple wearables in a common environment without an app.

    With either option, the administrator tracks activity on a desktop dashboard. Alerts by the administrator can take place instantaneously.

    Smartphones download data and provide notifications to team members

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    What are the primary benefits of smartspace?

    There are two major benefits – keeping your group safe and keeping your organization up and running by identifying when, who and for how long a team member has come in contact with someone at risk. People can be identified and quarantined without shutting down.

    Will smartspace track people outside of the workplace or community environment?

    No. Your community will be geo-fenced, so only interactions within your space will be tracked by an administrator who can protect individual privacy.

    What kind of preparation and training is required?

    Each participant will download and link to an app on their phone. The group administrator will receive a simple tutorial on how to use the smartspace dashboard. The Seguro help desk is available to answer any questions 24/7.

    How is smartspace powered?

    Similar to your smart phone, smartspace has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 days.

    What size group will benefit from smartspace?

    Any group of 25+ people can benefit from smartspace.

    Are there additional costs?

    After the first year there is an annual subscription fee, which covers upgrades, replacement of broken devices and administrator support. To learn more on pricing, please complete a contact form.

    Is the data private?

    Yes.  The data is transferred to the secure cloud through your cell phone, and is only viewable from the Administrator portal.

    Is there additional hardware required?

    No.  Each user pairs with cell phone and data is transferred to secure cloud for access to Administrator portal.

    What are the software options?

    There are two software options. Data can be downloaded through a team member’s smartphone app (Apple App Store or Google Play), or a gateway solution, which will be available soon. The gateway solution will provide monitoring devices, which aggregate data from multiple wearables in a common environment without an app. With either, the administrator can track activity on a desktop dashboard.

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